2015 MMA NY Forum: Texting at the dinner table

mGage sponsored an executive roundtable dinner in conjunction with the annual Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) NY Forum on March 17 with leading digital marketing executives and experts from top brands and agencies gathering to discuss the future of mobile messaging. The dinner featured representatives from great brands, a packed house, lots of spirited dialogue about the future of messaging with an inspiring opening keynote from DoSomething.org, and lots of data and insights from Chuck Martin, editor of the MCommerce Daily at Mediapost and best-selling author of Mobile Influence and The Third Screen.

In the opening keynote, executives from DoSomething shared inspiring stories of how their SMS-based Crisis Text Line leverages the power of mobile to offer a last resort for distraught teens who are on the verge of harming themselves or others. They focused on the critical role that reliable, secure, and convenient text messaging plays in transforming lives and making a huge impact to the community.

The guest speaker for the evening, Chuck Martin, editor of the MCommerce Daily at Mediapost and best-selling author of Mobile Influence and The Third Screen, offered his perspective on mobile messaging, and how success today is defined by the “what” (channel) and “where” (context, location, content). He noted that mobile campaign success isn't about the message; it’s about “messaging,” which is the critical element responsible for driving several multi-billion dollar industries for their marketing, commerce, and more.

Attendees then engaged in lively discussion about what the “what” and “where” meant for their brands and the future of messaging, with themes that ranged from consumer trust and privacy to channel preferences to opportunities for over-the-top (OTT) engagement through apps like WeChat, Kik, and Tango. Perhaps the most thought-provoking area discussed was the need for concrete data on customer demographics tied to mobile messaging attitudes and likelihood to engage. With so many millennials choosing texting as a primary form of daily communication, brands want to validate assumptions on how to approach certain segments based on their adoption and engagement levels.

Stay tuned for an upcoming market study where mGage will explore consumer behavior and channel preferences across geographies and industries, and delve deeper into how brands and enterprises can leverage this insight to shape their mobile strategy to be more targeted, personalized and optimal for consumers.

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