4 Ways SMS Can Streamline Day to Day Tasks for Businesses

Communicating with employees is an essential part of any company’s daily activities. Whether it’s answering employee questions, on-boarding new employees, dealing with scheduling or benefits, being able to reach an employee promptly is vital. Text messaging is a useful tool that can be used for employee communication. Below we discuss four ways a company can incorporate SMS solutions into their day to day activities, simplifying many of their tasks, while improving employee morale.

1. SMS for Recruitment & Onboarding

Speed up the recruitment process and create personalized communication with prospects using SMS. Text messaging can be used to communicate vital information such as job openings, interview confirmations, document requests, drug/background screening reminders, and more.

2. SMS for General HR Management

SMS is a fantastic tool for general Human Resource management. Send reminders, surveys, weekly motivational content, management tips, and more all via SMS.  Whether your message is about upcoming training sessions, company events, deadlines, or meetings, it’s a great way to get instant feedback from your employees.

3. Employee Scheduling/Benefits/Payroll with SMS

Scheduling: Make employee scheduling easier with SMS. Send schedules directly to employees and be able to approve or deny time-off requests quickly and efficiently. With the ability to send employee schedules via SMS, your employee will be able to respond if there are any conflicts with their schedule. Have a flexible demand call center? Instead of taking time to call each on-call employee, send them a text and get a quicker reply to relieve the demand.

Employee Benefits: When you have many employees, it can be challenging to ensure that everyone is receiving information regarding employee benefits. With SMS, businesses can send out text messages with links to information regarding open enrollment, various healthcare plans available, FSA/HSA balances, retirement plan updates, and more. Sending SMS messages directly to employees about these benefits ensures that everyone is receiving this vital information.

Get creative with new technology and consider sending out employee saver cards or dental/vision insurance cards with mobile wallet. This reduces cost and waste from printing and mailing and ensures the employee has access to their benefit information in the palm of their hand.

Payroll: Most Human Resource departments field numerous payroll questions weekly. Text enable your Toll-Free 800 number to avoid time spent answering these questions, HR can use SMS to immediately reach an employee to verify leave or resolve any queries quickly. Send payday reminders, expense reimbursement status updates, confirmation of direct deposit changes, and more through text messages.

4. Inclement Weather / Emergency Situations

When you need to reach your staff quickly in an emergency or about severe weather, SMS is the fastest way. Whether you want to cancel a shift due to bad weather, or there is a security risk in the office, text messaging allows you to reach your team efficiently to keep your employees safe.

Final Thoughts

The one thing every company has regardless of size, industry, or customer segment is people; and communicating with these people is essential for companies. SMS is the key to reliable communication between you and your employees. Please contact us to learn more about how text messaging can help streamline day to day communication for your company. 


Sarah has a degree in Talent Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and spent most of her career as a people leader in the HCM (Human Capital Management) industry prior to coming to mGage. She now specializes in helping clients to build people focused messaging strategies to increase engagement with their employees and customers.