Major Clothing Retailer "Loves" Their Valentine's Day Coupon Program

The Client:

A major discount clothing retailer with more than 500 stores nationwide.

The Challenge:

The client wanted to increase in-store visits and sales over the traditionally busy Valentine’s Day weekend. In addition, the client was interested in building their SMS subscriber base as a way to promote future sales and special offers to a broader audience.

The Solution: ­­­­

mGage worked with the client to send one of three weighted offers to their subscriber base. Anyone who texted the keyword “LOVE” to the client’s short code would receive a coupon for either free jeans, a monetary discount or a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer. “Weighting” the campaign meant that the distribution of the coupons was not done equally. The smallest percentage of customers texting into the campaign received the free jeans coupon, while the highest percentage received the BOGO offer.




The client created the “logic” for the message and used mGage to send the messages to subscribers’ handsets. mGage’s easy-to-implement and enterprise-grade APIs allowed the customer to connect their system to mGage’s messaging gateway with minimal development needed.

The Results:

The retailer promoted the SMS campaign a variety of ways, including in-store signage and advertising in local markets. Here are some of the impressive results they achieved:

  • 89% of the campaign’s respondents had never been part of the company’s SMS subscriber base.
  • $2 million in incremental sales were directly tied to the coupons.
  • An average of four items were sold per transaction – far more than their usual numbers.

They were able to increase sales and add a significant number of new names to their SMS subscriber list for future messaging campaigns.  The ability of the client to easily connect their existing systems to mGage’s messaging gateway gave them the flexibility they needed to run a successful program. As a bonus, they also gained valuable insights on which types of coupons people are interested in redeeming

mGage’s expertise can help you to plan and execute innovative coupon messaging campaigns such as this. Contact us for more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your messaging needs.