New Technologies and the Impact on the Mobile Messaging Industry

Last month we attended Mobile World Congress LA and hosted a special panel discussion, “How to Use Mobile Messaging Innovations to Drive Revenue and Engagement.” We heard three key takeaways from our panelists regarding the impact recent innovations have on the messaging industry.

1. Metrics are key! Brands can spend their marketing dollars more wisely by tracking the enhanced metrics RCS offers. From read receipts to keeping track of your customer’s journey, the metrics available will help brands justify spend for RCS. A welcome feature that SMS does not provide.

2. Brands should get involved in RCS now. Trials have demonstrated 8x more customer engagement, 3x more sales than traditional channels, and conversion rates up to 20x higher than SMS[1].

3. RCS will not replace the need for apps; however, brands have an opportunity to reduce costs spent for app updates and management by moving to RCS completely where possible. For example, utility-type apps could move over to RCS, saving brands valuable dollars. Experts see RCS as being supplementary to mobile apps, and statistics show that 20-22% of users are open to using a combination of web apps and RCS.

Please contact us if you have any questions about RCS, or if you’d like to learn more about adding RCS to your messaging strategy. For more information about the features and benefits of RCS click here.

[1] Mobilesquared