ShopTalk 2019 – Why Mobile Matters

This year’s ShopTalk event did not disappoint as over 8,000 attendees converged to learn and collaborate about everything within the retail and eCommerce ecosystem. There was a lot to hear regarding the latest retail trends around data, technology and the ongoing struggles between online vs. brick-and-mortar stores.

The biggest recurring theme at ShopTalk 2019 was the importance of being more customer-centric and getting more personal with customers.  Marketers are challenged with reaching consumers on the channels in the which they want to engage with brands. With so many ways to reach consumers, from social to mobile, it can appear daunting, yet it also presents an opportunity to evolve marketing strategies.

Retail brands can harness the power of mobile messaging as a way to increase consumer engagement and reach new or existing customers on that more personal level. On average, people touch their smartphones 2,617 times a day.[1]  That’s over two thousand chances a day for retailers to reach their customers.  Mobile messaging can offer brands a more powerful way to promote new products, loyalty offers, discounts/promotions, as well as enhance their customer support efforts. These types of mobile messaging campaigns are examples of how to create the positive and valuable consumer experiences we heard were a priority throughout ShopTalk this year. 


We’ve helped the largest retailers achieve success with customer engagement through the power of mobile messaging. Let us help your brand too.  For more information on how SMS, MMS, RCS or Push can become part of your brand’s mobile strategy, reach out to our experts or email us at


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