Unlock your 2019 Holiday Messaging Campaigns with Text Coupons

Mobile offers are an ideal way to drive online and in-store sales because your potential customer is never too far away from their phone. Mobile has officially surpassed desktop for digital order share, with 52% of digital orders coming from mobile devices this season. It is imperative that brands have a robust mobile marketing program in place that includes text messaging.

Why Messaging Matters for Holiday Shopping

Text messaging is proven to cut through the clutter of digital marketing and reach target audiences in unprecedented ways. 98% of all SMS messages are read within two minutes; no other form of digital communication is reacted to like texts.

Texting allows you to meet your customers where they are – on mobile. Receiving a text message from your brand can make a person realize that your product is a perfect gift for their loved one. This is especially powerful if the message includes a coupon, which can encourage them to go to your site and make an instant purchase.

Mobile Coupons Drive Purchases and Revenue

There’s no better way to reach customers through mobile than with coupons because 75% of consumers prefer to receive offers via text. Mobile coupons can be a vital tool for brands looking to increase how much their customers spend on their orders. 77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more when they’re redeeming a mobile coupon.

To read more about why mobile coupons are such an effective form of promotion, check out our blog post on “The Power of Mobile Coupons”.

How to Make Your Coupons Irresistible

Sending coupons via text message makes sense for your brand over the holiday season; it also makes sense for your competitors. How do you make sure that your coupons are compelling and drive people to action? The Mobile Marketing Association has put together some best practices for creating digital coupons. Here are a few highlights:

Make the Offer Clear and Prominent: If consumers are confused about what your coupon offers, they won’t redeem it. Use clear and plain English language to lay out the specific terms of the deal. For example, if a person must buy two or more of a product to get a discount, feature that prominently next to the discount amount.

The first thing that a person should see when they open your coupon is the amount of the discount. If you are sending an SMS text message, have the value be the first item in the message. If you are sending a multimedia coupon, design the coupon so that the value is the most prominent element.

Add Excitement with Multimedia: Texting channels such as MMS and RCS allow you to add multimedia elements such as images, carousels, videos, and a full palette of colors to your messages. Use this to create coupons that allow customers to see and experience gifts before they make a purchase.

Are you ready to launch messaging campaigns that will drive your sales over the holidays? Our experts can help you identify opportunities to add text messaging to your existing marketing efforts. Contact us today to learn more.